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All rise…

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I took down the Mat Movie Forum today. I doubt it will be deeply missed *sniff*, but if you want to pause for a moment of silence, now is your chance.

Actually it was premature and probably unnecessary to start it in the first place. And when the Estonian cyberbots started pounding me with 20 or 30 account requests a day, I suddenly remembered why I originally fled the glamorous world of Information Technology (I went to the beach instead). The Gentleman’s Enhancement industry will just have to plow ahead without the Mat Movie Forum’s assistance.

Now, the film production world could still use a comprehensive project management platform. Maybe one exists of which I’m not aware. But for the time being, we all seem to be using variants of the same social media, and we share the same channels of communication, so we’re in touch. As my own progress begins to gel to the point where I actually have a schedule for the mat movie production, then I’ll depend on the blog to coordinate with the rest of you out there so that the message is more or less centralized and organized.

I hope you’ve been able to scoop up some footage over the last year. I have, and I’ve already gotten some great contributions from vyusher, kendog, and others, and I know there’s more out there. The coming season should put us over the top. My lifelong predilection has been to surf alone, but the home team and I will be working together a lot more this coming winter (the season of best waves in my neighborhood), so I’m sure we’ll score some solid sessions. And likewise, I’m eager to bear down on some of you as subjects for onscreen interviews (using voice mod and cast-shadow profiles upon request). The oral history of surf culture is, of course, the engine that converts sessions into legends, so tell your inner Homer that’s it’s almost time to sing.

I posted a few snapshots from the Mat Meet at Cottons

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Video to come asap.

Sunday morning, August 22, 2010, Cottons

Sunday morning, August 22, 2010, Cottons

We’ve got to win over my wife

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She just took a look at my first post and let out a snort of derision! “Oh, Lord,” she said, “My advice, don’t get too heady.”

OK, maybe, but let’s check in with her again after this weekend’s mat meet at Cottons, once she has supped and dined with the Heroes and Demi-Gods on Olympus and tasted the sweet infusion of our enthusiasm.

UPDATE: Stoked! She’s totally on board, wants to get a high-end camera for herself and domesticate the wild images in her head.

Can post from my phone now

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Might come in handy as things speed up…

Let’s start with Why

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Because that might be the central mystery — why do these people ride waves on inflatable surfmats when there are so many other ways to go? Or why do some people try it and remain uninvolved, whereas others develop a passionate fascination for the game? Let those questions dangle for a while, and let them trigger some thought. So if we pursue a cinematic answer, we just might get a glimpse of what Werner Herzog calls the “ecstatic truth” inside our experience. Not the prosaic Who, How, What, and Where of accountants’ truth, but something more elusive, the quicksilver phenomenon that elevates ordinary life into poetry and art — precious and valuable because it’s rare.