Shooting specs

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I recently got an inquiry from one the the intrepid matriders from the Pacific North West. He had acquired a nice HD camcorder and wanted my thoughts on which recording mode to use. I told him that ideally I’d like to see video shot at 30 frames-per-second, and if possible in a widescreen format (16:9) at full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). Get as close to the action as possible in order to keep the screen filled while minimizing the use of the zoom lens. Use a tripod with a good head on it to stabilize the image and pan smoothly. The digital image stabilization function usually introduces some softness into the image, so it’s better to put some effort into getting a solid picture in the first place.

Realizing that not everyone has access to camcorders of that quality, it’s certainly not a deal-breaker if you shoot footage with other specs. I imagine that Standard Definition stuff will be pretty common, and it will fit in our HD field. Don’t use 24 frames-per-second “film look” if you can avoid it. it’s harder for me to integrate that with other frame rates. It can be done, but it’s less than satisfactory — try not to.

To keep things organized, I’ll put up a separate post about capturing your footage, file types, and transferring to the project repository,

As far as tracking down the waves and riders, you’re on your own.