The Matmovie Project is open to everyone on the planet who wants to collaborate on a film about riding surfmats. Indeed, the very nature of a crowdsourced movie means that your enthusiastic contributions create the thing. Your ideas, your opinions, your audio, your video — these are the ingredients. The project is also “open” in the sense that by granting non-exclusive permission to to use your material in the project, you still retain your right to do whatever you want with your own stuff — use it again in another film, sell it, put it on YouTube, whatever. It’s yours.

We’re not doing this to stir up trouble and contribute to the world’s supply of strife, so we ask that you use your real first name and initial last name for this project, and help to cultivate a healthy atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

So the first step is for you to create an account on our production forum, introduce yourself, and be in!

Welcome to The Matmovie Production Forum